Female Soviet college students studying for exam in the park in late 1960s.

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The many faces of Frida Kahlo

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Strokes and Sheet Art Gallery Opening Night

It’s been a while since the last time I posted something here and I wouldn’t want you thinking that I have been slacking off. I’ve had quite a few artsy experiences since I was away from tumblr and it felt right to blog them…only I haven’t had the time to do it. I’ve been meaning to but work gets in the way. 

A month ago, a friend of mine invited me to a gallery opening and asked if I could show some of my paintings for the group exhibit and I happily accepted the offer, this being my first gallery experience and all. There were a lot of new artists, mostly self-taught (if not all), who also showed their works and it’s one of the best things about it; meeting new people who share the same interests with you and probably experience the same inner struggles you do every day you make art. And in a city that doesn’t really have that much appreciation and respect for art, it can be intimidating and disheartening for a beginner. But the owner, my friend who’s also an artist, knows the feeling all too well; thus it was set up in a laid back manner which didn’t primarily focus on profit. 

(Also, incredible, original music artists were featured in this event, thus adding to the artsy vibe.)

So this post will be just an unedited photo dump of everything that was taken that night. And if you find this too “chaotic” on your dashboard, I’m sorry. :)















I will post more of my “adventures”, so to speak, next time. And I’m particularly excited to tell you of my meeting with an established artist based in Manila. His works are incredible. :D 

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To those whose Valentine’s day is as gloomy as mine….

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2013 is a pretty slow year for my painting progress… No sketches, no figure studies, no art sessions whatsoever but there’s no shortage of parties, booze and failed flirtations in the hope of getting myself a man.  (SHAME!!) 

All of my efforts and “finances” spent going out for a “few” drinks, casual coquetry and the occasional groping (hahah) were to no avail. If anything, I come home dreading a nasty hangover in the morning and still miserably single rather than waking up, in high spirits, next to a gorgeous man. 

In spite of that, I’m grateful to have awesome friends; after all, nothing beats the company of good old friends. So, from my group of introverts to you and yours, happy new year!

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I used to think I was tough, but then I realized I wasn’t. I was fragile and I wore thick fucking armor. And I hurt people so they couldn’t hurt me. And I thought that was what being tough was, but it isn’t.

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Title: Hidaway Artist: Karen O and the Kids 361 plays


niiight ON:)<3

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‘If the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?’ No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.

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Two days and Two nights of beach parties, beer showers, tequila shots and dancing like crazy with eye-candies. 

Sunbaked 2013 was awesome. The crowd was great and I got to do something artsy by giving friends free henna tattoos.

Title: i love music Artist: Flunk 19 plays

I don’t know if you’re in to this kind of stuff but I gotta say Flunk just makes me feel sexy.

Flunk - I Love Music.

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Doodling in the office because this day couldn’t get any more tedious.

Word to the wise, if you’re a child of art do NOT take an accounting-and-finance-related job. It dulls the creativity, I tell you.

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